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We house over 30 years of landscape experience. We take pride in our “old school” client-centric customer service philosophies. We believe the bar is not high enough in Las Vegas for Landscape Maintenance. We, as landscape vendors, are obligated to push the envelope and provide a complete best-in-class service. One of the ways we excel in providing best-in-class service is by making water conservation a top priority. Our team is determined to help conserve water through auditing, managing and renewing irrigation systems. We have saved our clients thousands of gallons of water this year already! We believe saving water will ensure vitality for future generations in the Las Vegas community.

our mission

We pride ourselves in being leaders of the landscape industry. We are determined to disrupt the landscape industry by setting a new quality standard for landscape design and maintenance. Through impeccable service and attention to detail, we plan to revolutionize the way landscape is done in Las Vegas.
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